Thursday, July 30, 2009

Healthy Dog with the right Dog Food Recipes and Nutrition

Dogs are not just a pet for a lot of people. They are treated as the member of a family. So besides the regular meals with commercial dog food, they also get feed with human food whenever the family members eat. You could easily find dogs overfeed and overweight.

Do you or your dog have the same problem? Do you know you can correct all these with the proper and right food combination for your dog, and simply feeding her on the right dog food recipes. You can prepare it at home and make your dog happy and healthy like a child.

At different stage of the life cycle, you dog require various kind of food and nutrition. Puppies, parent dogs and active dogs have different food requirements. The food ingredients should have a proper mixture of vitamins and protein. Homemade dog food is very effective for dog’s health as you can have more control in the ingredients. Homemade dog food is much more delicious than commercial foods. It also saves money.

No matter how your dog is, giving her a healthy dose of dog food recipes will help to improve the quality of your dog's life. Additionally when you constantly make the dog food recipe the weekly recipe for your dog, she will never disappoint you in your hour of need. Dogs like rice, chicken and a mix of vegges in there meals. Go out there and cook for your dog and see her grow strong and healthy.


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